Patty Gale – Entrepreneur, Feisty Italian, Mom of 3

Me and my daughter during a recent afternoon at the lake.

Me and my daughter during a afternoon at the lake.

Hi! I’m Patty Gale. Whether this is your first time here or if you’re a regular visitor, I just want to say ‘Welcome!’ and I’m glad you’re here.

I am an entrepreneur, feisty Italian and mom of 3 who believes if you’re going to be an entrepreneur, your business should fit into your lifestyle rather instead of the other way around.

Life should be fun and work should be meaningful and make a difference.

On Single-Parenthood

Before being in business for myself, I spent 17 years in a corporate America. 11 of those were spent as a single mom to my sons and living paycheck to paycheck.

My family was 1,000 miles away. My sons went to daycare, before and after-school care and summer care. I didn’t get to go on school field trips, be the classroom mom or attend PTA meetings. Many mornings were spent with tears on my way to work.

I just wanted to the kind of mom I wanted to be.

… But that wasn’t the plan for me. It was the late 80′s and early 90′s. There was no Google, Amazon or any of the online opportunities we have today.

High-School Football, Driver’s Ed and Diapers

(becoming an entrepreneur)

I remarried in ’98 and our daughter (pictured above) was born in 2000. My sons were in high school and we were doing high school football, driver’s-ed and diapers all at the same time. It was crazy, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I turned to the internet knowing there ‘had to be something’ I could do to make money from home. Back then, we had AOL dial-up and resources to learn how to build a website, (in plain English), didn’t exist. Mark Zuckerberg was still in high-school, there was no Twitter, Instagram or WordPress.

Sleeves Rolled Up

Back then, all I knew how to do was turn on my computer and surf the web, but there was no time for excuses. I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, learning by trial and error…many days and nights with my baby daughter asleep by my side or on my lap.

My goal was to simple. All I wanted to do was make enough money to not put her in daycare.

Today, I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination! My daughter has never spent a day in daycare. I get to sit with her and have breakfast in the morning, take AND pick her up from school every day, never miss an event, volunteer at school and so much more.

I create success on my terms and am blessed to have a location-independent business that gives me time and financial independence to be the kind of mom I want to be… to travel, live debt-free, work where-ever I want and create amazing experiences and memories with family and friends.

My Company – What We Do

My company makes it simple for entrepreneurs to create a business online that they’ll love…to reach more people and make a difference for those they serve. We work with a variety of entrepreneur groups, including women in web and graphic design, and essentially, we help them rock the web!

How do we do that? We create full-circle systems that includes WordPress design styles, branded social media, email marketing and online marketing training (in plain English). Our clients’ results speak for themselves and you’ll find them in the United States, Canada and Australia.

If you’d like to know more about my company, visit me on

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