Our Lives Right Now – Officially ‘Homeless’

Our Lives Right Now - Officially 'Homeless'

Everything In a Box or Suitcase I have to say, it's pretty humbling to watch all your worldly possessions loaded up onto a 26 foot truck and put into storage. Yes, this is our life right now. I'm officially 'homeless.' Well, not really homeless... Emily and I are[Continue Reading ...]

It’s Still Soup Season – I Think!

It's Still Soup Season - I Think!

Long before I had kids and before I ever obsessed over things like food coloring, hydrogenated oils and GMO's, the biggest food-related issue I had to deal with was whether or not the broccoli cheese soup was made with chicken or veggie stock. Being a 14 year old vegetarian wasn't[Continue Reading ...]

Are You Willing to Wait for However Long it Takes?

Are You Willing to Wait for However Long it Takes?

To Follow Your Dreams, That is... From the first moment I stepped off the plane at the old Stapleton Airport in Denver, and took one look at the front range of the Rocky Mountains, I knew someday I was going to live in Colorado. I had no idea when, no[Continue Reading ...]

Food Nostalgia: Eggplant Parmesan

Food Nostalgia: Eggplant Parmesan

Nostalgia is a stealthy animal. It sits hidden away until something lures it out. Music is a big one for me. And smells. Smells can trigger so many vivid memories. Popcorn reminds me of the drive-in theater and dad's old Volkswagen hatchback. Cinnamon comforts me like mom's sick-day cinnamon toast.[Continue Reading ...]

Arancini (Italian Rice Balls) with a Twist

Arancini (Italian Rice Balls) with a Twist

If you have never tasted an Italian rice ball (also known as Arancini) you are in for a treat! They can be a side dish or a meal unto themselves. I prefer eating them as a meal, personally. They are very simple to make, and also a little messy, but[Continue Reading ...]

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